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The world's most comfortable chest holster is here!


The Scout chest holster has the best fit, function and quality than any other. 


Made to be tight to the body and ultra flexible.


Hotspots or binding points do not exist with this design.


Can be worn with back packs or binocular harnesses.



You can trail run, cycle, 4x4, fish... the list goes on!


Pick one and and enjoy!


Satisfaction Guaranteed and lifetime warranty.


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  • the SLING the SLING the SLING the SLING the SLING

    the SLING

    The perfect 2 point sling! This sling is minimal in every way. The biggest feature is this is a buckle-less design. No obnoxious buckles in the way.  1.5" webbing for the base. This equals wide weight distribution. Slimming down to 1" strap for...

    MSRP: $49.95
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