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Our Story


                                                                      About us.

Hey ya'll. My name is Tim Anderson. I am married to my high school sweetheart Katie of nine years. We have 4 amazing kids, and our two dogs; Mila and Outlaw. it all started 5 years ago in our tiny apartment. I was wanting something different for my family. owning and growing a business sparked something in me to build a better future for my family. we started in a kitchen, then to a small utility trailer, and now have been blessed with a fully functional shop... we are going places. i want to show my kids and others to not give up on your dreams, but to seek and fight for them. although, incredibly hard, it is worth it. we are not anywhere near our goals, but with a lot of determination; we are on our way to making the change and reaching our dreams.







                                                                        Our mission.


Our goal is to provide functioning, reliable, quality holsters for your

everyday use with the best customer service you've ever had. we will accomplish this by building a relationship and community with our customers. built solely on the foundation of integrity and good ole hard work.