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The RECON is not your average chest holster. Meticulously developed with fit, function, and comfort in mind, this holster sets a new standard. Designed to sit tight to your body, it offers unparalleled flexibility with no hotspots or binding points. Say goodbye to slipping or bouncing holsters - the RECON moves with you, providing a comfortable carry experience like never before.

Key Features:

  • Wear Comfortably Underneath Backpacks or Bio Harnesses: The RECON is designed to integrate seamlessly with your outdoor gear. It sits snugly underneath backpacks or bio harnesses, allowing you full functionality without any discomfort or interference.

  • Save Money with Interchangeable Holster Shell: With the optional SHELL, you can easily interchange the holster shell to fit different firearms. No need to buy multiple holsters - simply swap out the shell to accommodate your different firearms, saving you money and hassle.

  • Made with American leather & Kydex

  • Full coverage of trigger guard on both sides

  • Positive 'click' retention

Upgrade Your Carry Experience with the RECON - the chest holster that offers unbeatable fit, function, and comfort. Try it today and experience the next level of concealed carry excellence!

Premium quality, Lifetime Warranty!

Note: Holsters are built to custom specifications. If you order your holster to be built with a light or sight, it will not have perfect retention if you take sight/light off the firearm.

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