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The SCOUT is not your average chest holster. Developed with fit, function, and comfort at the forefront, the holster sits tight to the body and is ultra-flexible with no hotspots or binding points. It doesn't slip or bounce. It moves with you.

Made from premium American leather and kydex. The trigger guard is completely covered on both sides, and the SCOUT also features a positive ‘click’ retention keeping the pistol secure at all times. 

Adjust the holster retention screw in front of the trigger guard to tighten or loosen retention strength. Adjust the holster tilt on the body by moving the buckle points and placing straps on the other shoulder.  Slide buckles and tri-glides for your personal desired fit.

This holster can be worn underneath backpacks or bio harnesses, allowing full functionality. In our humble opinion, a BETTER alternative to a shoulder holster.

Have more than one firearm you carry? Save money by using the same harness and interchange the holster shell for your different firearm with the SHELL.

Built to keep you safe on all of your outdoor adventures – trail running, cycling, off-roading, fishing, hunting & more!

Premium quality, satisfaction guaranteed!

Note: Holsters are built to custom specifications. If you order your holster to be built with a light or sight, it will not have perfect retention if you take sight/light off the firearm.

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