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the STANDARD (iwb)

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Standard IWB holsters are sleek and minimal.

Comfortable concealment and carry in any position. Positive “click” retention.

Premium quality and function. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Adjust the holster retention screw in front of trigger guard. Adjust the holster ride height and forward tilt by simply moving the belt attachment up or down.

*The concealment claw pushes against the inside of the belt. This translates into better concealment because the grip is rotated into the body.(if featured)


18 Reviews

  • 5
    Awesome Holster

    Posted by Joseph Pearce on 28th Dec 2021

    Great comfort. Click retention and excellent firearm fit. I got this for my Sig P365XL and I love it. Extremely comfortable after hours of wear. This is a really good holster.

  • 5

    Posted by Kevin Jones on 30th Nov 2021

    Very well made holster. All the edges were deburred nicely the adjustable and tuckable clip is super nice. The concealment claw really helps with the draw and the the printing of the gun is minimal.

  • 5

    Posted by Alexey Beglyakov on 23rd Oct 2021

    Looks cool, comfortable to carry, fits.

  • 5
    Great company and great product

    Posted by Mike on 30th Sep 2021

    These guys make a great product. When contacted for a custom build, communication was great and they were able to get it done in a short time. Thanks Tim! Love the product and will be looking forward to buying more.

  • 4
    Great so far, slight problem with light clearance

    Posted by Douglas O'Hagan on 6th Jul 2021

    This holster seems well made and effective with a good overall fit and the clip seems sufficient to prevent the holster from coming out of your waist band during an aggressive draw as long as you have a good belt. However, I have two small complaints. The first is aesthetic, I got the "come and take it" pattern and the words and picture were wrapped around the front of the holster so it was half on one side and half on the other making it difficult to read. I figured it would have been on the face of the backside so that it could be clearly seen when holding the holster without interference from the clip or curve of the kydex. Not a functional issue at all, just thought I'd mention it. The only functional issue I have noticed is that the tensioning screw on my stream light TLR-1 HL catches the edge of the kydex when holstering. This is not an issue when the holster is free, but once it is inside the waistband and the holster is squeezed together by the belt, it pinches just tight enough to prevent the gun from entering the holster because of the screw that tightens the light to the gun. Specifically I run an HK VP9 with a Stream Light TLR-1 HL left handed. I think the left handed part is important because if I were drawing from my right side the screw would be toward my body and therefore not an issue. However, with a left hand draw it causes a slight problem. That being said it doesn't affect the draw at all and can be circumvented by rocking the gun forward using the light as a pivot point when holstering so it's not a huge deal. It just makes training slightly less convenient. All in all a great product so far save for that one tiny issue.

  • 5
    Solid and Comfortable

    Posted by Sean Adams on 28th Jun 2021

    This has been part of my EDC for almost 2 years now and I love it. I can conceal easily in the summer and it doesn't leave me with sore indentations in my torso after hours of wear. I have a very slim build and ended up removing the claw because it made my belt protrude too much. My 43X is held rock steady and the draw is nice and silky. It is easily my favorite holster.

  • 4
    Nice fit

    Posted by Gary Paradeza on 24th Jun 2021

    After a few minor adjustments it fit perfect.

  • 5
    Great buy

    Posted by Trevor McMahon on 10th Jun 2021

    Found this site through Slightly Offensive. Gave them a shot because their prices aren't too high. I was satisfied with the build quality of the holster. It fits my gun and light like a glove with good retention and a smooth draw. Bear in mind weapon light holsters are wider than normal so you will have to move the holster further towards your belly button if you carry appendix. I recommend the claw and high sights add-on. The claw makes a night a day difference in concealing. I was able to conceal my glock 17 okay before with cant adjustments and the right clothing. Now I can conceal my glock 17 in just about any clothes with this new holster. Sweat guard is great and doesn't feel weird on bare skin like some kydex does. The holster has just the right amount of flex at the top where your muzzle would sit so it doesn't shank your thigh when bending over too far like other kydex holsters. 10/10 product.

  • 5

    Posted by Chandler Jensen on 21st May 2021

    Looks amazing, fantastic quality, and extremely comfortable. I will be buying more for other firearms.

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